Regional & Amateur Team C300: Eric Espinda

Eric Espinda

300's- 39   

800's- 25 highest is 856 in a regional in las vegas... most recent in nationals with a triplicate 279

Currently in 3rd for all events in nationals, 1 PBA regional title, 1 second place finish in a PBA regional, multiple match play wins in local tournaments in New Mexico and a runner up in the New Mexico open.

Why is bowling fun?

"Bowling is fun to me because this game shows how hard you work at one thing and this is not something you can just fall off the couch and become good at. I have also become a part of the local youth program and helping young kids find something they enjoy and make them better is very rewarding. Also this game is something you will never master and you are always working to get better and stay sharp is also very humbeling sport. The most fun I have in bowling is just being able to bowl and be a part of something special with the Columbia 300 staff, having local kids look up to me and ask my advice on the sport."