Regional & Amateur Team C300: Paul Bober

Paul Bober

300’s:  32 (including two SPORT sanctioned and one PBA)
800’s:  14 (including two SPORT sanctioned and a high of 847)
Top Tournament Finishes: 
  • 1st (all-tournament team) - 1999 Collegiate Blue & Gold Classic, South Bend, IN
  • 1st (all-tournament team) - 1998 Collegiate Sycamore Classic, Terre Haute, IN
  • 1st (Team, Doubles, and AE) - 2003 Elgin Association
  • 1st - 2003 Boot Hill Sweeper
  • 15th (Doubles) - 2006 USBC Open Championships, Corpus Christi, TX
  • 1st (Team) - 2006 USBC Mixed Team Challenge, Indianapolis, IN
  • 1st (Doubles) - 2006 Ten Pin Journal Doubles - Wauwatosa, WI
  • 1st (Singles) - 2009 Lake County Association
  • 62nd - 2010 USBC Masters
  • 1st (Doubles and AE) - 2010 Illinois State Tournament
  • 20th (Team) - 2011 USBC Open Championships, Reno, NV
  • 4th - 2011 PBA Midwest Regional, Mokena, IL
  • 4th (Doubles) - 2012 PBA Midwest Regional (Over/Under Doubles), Johnsburg, IL
  • 6th - 2013 PBA Central Regional, Elkhart, IN
  • Multiple local tournament sweeper wins
What is fun about bowling to you? 
What makes bowling fun for me is the variety of competition.  First, it's the tournament formats tournaments, doubles events, team competition, sweeper vs. matchplay, etc.  Second, no other sport offers the opportunity to compete on so many levels of competition as an amateur...local association, state tournaments, PBA Regionals, and National events (Masters, US Open, and USBC Nationals).  Finally, the most fun is mentoring local-area youth bowlers and coaching/sharing knowledge with bowlers in a variety of capacities (Demo Days, Bowl Expo, Facebook, etc.) over the years as a C300 staff member.