Regional & Amateur Team C300: Vincent Yoder

Vincent Yoder

300’s:  -  36 (2 - sport 300's)
800’s:  -  26 (1 - sport 800)
Top Tournament Finishes:  
  •             1998 - COBPA Matchplay Champion
  •             2001 - Ohio Intercity Actual Doubles Champions
  •             2003 - ABC/Storm Sport Challenge Champion (300-531, 2 game side event at Nationals, Knoxville, TN) 
  •             2005 - Ace Mitchell Trade Show Tournament Runner-up         
  •             2009 - 4th place USBC Singles (shot 300-810)
  •             2010 - Akron Open Doubles Champion
  •             2011 - COBPA Matchplay Champion
  •             2013 - Ohio Intercity Team Champions
What is fun about bowling to you:
            Shooting Honor Scores and winning tournaments are fun, but there isn't much more gratification than helping someone, adult or youth, begin to bowl better.  Whether it is drilling a new ball and getting it to react like they want it to or going down to the lanes and giving them pointers and watching their face light up when they start to understand the game a little more.  Watching someone else start to have fun and enjoy the game brings a smile to my face and in turn just makes the game that much for fun to me.