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I bowl because I love it!

Clara Guerrero | 9/17/13 | Team C300

In two months the WTBA World Championships, one of the most important tournaments in the world, will be hosted in Las Vegas.  Countries will be bringing their best 6 male and female players to compete in 6 different events (singles, doubles, trios, team, all events and masters).  The level of competition is extremely high and chances to win are slim as there can only be one winner and few chances to bring back a medal for our countries.  When I think about the worlds I only feel joy and excitement to see my teammates again, compete together for Colombia, see old friends from all over the world and make some new ones that share the same love for bowling as I do.

At this event two years ago in Hong Kong, one of the most beautiful places in the world, we were leading with one game to go in the team event before the semifinal cut to the top four teams.  Even though we had the lead it wasn’t by much and with all the other teams striking around us, we ended up needing a big game to hold onto the last spot.  In that last game I felt the pressure and adrenaline in my body but I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the world.  I felt connected with my teammates and I felt their eyes and support while I was on the approach.  The joy that I had every time I was able to do well for the team and the feeling that I got every time I looked at my teammates faces when I turned around from my shots was incredible.    Winning a medal or a title with a team that works hard for the same goal is an amazing accomplishment but sharing those moments of excitement, pressure, nervousness and happiness with them as we support each other unconditionally is priceless.   

I am very thankful to my sport for giving me the opportunity to meet great friends, travel the world and compete with my team while representing my country.  I bowl because I love it but also because I look forward to creating as many of these fun memories with my team and bowling family as I can. 

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Clara Guerrero