Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Ed Henson

Galesburg, IL



Don Carle Sr

Fort Jones, CA


Mad Antics

269. 255. 278. My first 800. Awesome!

Bob Binkley

Haddock, GA



Kelly Baumgardner

Panama City, FL



Just got back into bowling after 3 years, run the pro shop at the bowling center. Drilled up the Swerve a week ago and really like this ball.

Danny Battles

Zephyrhills, FL



Bill Sheehey

Stoneham, MA



This was bowled in a tournament on 9/27. Not only did I have a 300 in qualifying but I shot a total of 2021 for eight games, using the Disorder the entire time. People were coming over to see what ball I was throwing. Thanks C300.

Robert Clements

St. Cloud Florida, AK


Deep Freeze

Just started back bowling after about a 30 year layoff and had to relearn a lot since technology has changed so much. Shot my first 300 and 700 set with my Columbia Deep Freeze. Got a lot of help along the way from a Columbia Advisory member, Mike Mojzak and got a lot of helpful advice on equipment selection from EBI demo leader Anthony Amodeo, he was a great help and an excellent ball driller. I have always used Columbia equipment in the past and loved it and the new Columbia balls and bags that I have now still the best out there in my opinion

Lawrence Lang

Rhinebeck , NY


Smack Down

Shot my first 300 in league last December with the Smack Down It was the best feeling because after losing my vision in my left eye at the age of 17 and now being 20 at the time shooting it left handed was awesome because it shows you can do it even being blind in one eye especially Being blind on the side you bowl with

Andrew Brimberry

Fort Worth, TX


Columbia Wicked Encounter

4th 300 game using Columbia 300 equipment.

Jon Wilbur

North Clarendon, VT


N'S@NE Antics

Team C300 Staffer. 87th 300 and 75th 800 series