Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Hardy Greg Davies Jr

Englewood, CO


Smack Down

Jimmy Casteel

Evansville, IN


Crazy Antics

Stephane Brisson

Rimouski, Quebe


Crazy Antics

I have 3 leagues averages between 195 and 202. My practice game with my new Crazy Antics is 202 after this I play on league next day and I play 217-266-205 on my 266 I left the 10 pin on first and tenth frames and on the 205 the ten pin stay 3 times and I missed it 1 time and 1 time the 8 pin stay, I have been long time play with other ball company. This is the best polish ball I ever had in my bag, Thanks Columbia 300 to create the Crazy Antics

Robert Fernandez

Wichita, KS



Games of 290,269and 242 for a 801 series.

Jacob Garris

Greensburg, PA



Shannon Pearson

Westminster , CO


Crazy Antics

Rashan Hunt

Baltimore, MD , MD


Crazy Antics

Rashan Hunt

Baltimore, MD


Crazy Antics

United States Army

David Rossi

Goshen, IN, IN


Take Down

Marcus Marcelli

Canton, OH



Bowl in several leagues (mixed and men's) throw every brand under the sun. This was my first Columbia 300 since the Wicked Ecncounter and I could not be more happy with it. Very smooth off the friction with nice back end. I have to give credit to Jon Boy's Pro Shop in Canton for putting the right layout on this piece of equipment to make it effective for me. Looking forward to the coming weeks with my Vow.