Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Kenneth Slaght

Dubuque, IA


Violent Eruption

Steve Hurd

Louisville, KY


Eruption Pro

Steven Hurd

Louisville, KY


Eruption Pro

Dan Kelsey

Novi, MI



Just drilled up the origional Eruption a week or 2 ago. Used it Sunday morning to almost shoot a triplicate. 279 279 278 for 836 Just love Columbia 300 no matter what ball it is!!

Dan Kelsey

Novi, MI


Eruption Pro

Shot 279 244 278 for 801 with the Eruption Pro out of the box. That ball rolls real well. Hits like a tank.

Michael Smith

Centennial, CO


Smack Down

Bowling tonight in the Skyliners League at AMF Broadway I had games of 258, 243 and 300 for a solid 801 series!!!! I used my pin up and polished Columbia 300 Smack Down all three games!!!! Feels good to finally get 3 bills again and to get "The Ocho"!! Thank you Bugsy Kelly and Dave Wodka for allowing me to be part of the best brand in the business!!!! And thank you Vise for the best feel in the game. ?#?teamc300? ?#?letsbowl?

Byron Klingaman

Coldwater, MI



Warren Paquet

Quebec City



A career Best triple of 825 and a quad of 1094!! I have always used Columbia Equipment, Why you ask?? Simply the best and longest lasting balls on the market today.

Dan Kelsey

Novi, MI



Went 268 236 300 for 804 with the Vow the first 2 games and switched to the Eruption for the last game to shoot 300.

James Miller

Otsego, MI


Ricochet Reaction

Go 268, 278, 279 for 825 Tuesday Morning 11/19/13@ Continental Lanes, then Go 289, 300, 258 for a 847 Wednesday Night 11/20/13