Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Jayson Bosel

Lismore, N.S.W.


Navy/Purple/ Yellow Freeze

First 800 series. This ball has been amazing since I received it. Being left handed it carries 7 pins like no other ball I have in the bags.

Michael Salamon III

Glen Burnie, MD


World Beater

During the Summer I bowled my 4th 300 with the World Beater and today I just bowled my 3rd 800 series. 279, 279, 279 = 837. The World Beater is the ball that "Bowls the World Over" Thank you Columbia 300.

Dan McLalin

Dearborn Heights, MI



258 267 277 802 with the Columbia Smack Down #letsbowl

John Guldbaek



Mass Eruption

National League

Conner Allen

Conway, AR


Ransom Demand

Jason Duncan

Shreve, OH


Ransom Demand

I've had the front 9 a few times, but was never able to get the pins to cooperate in the tenth. This time they did. This was my very first 300 game in a sanctioned league. Columbia 300 makes the finest equipment for bowlers out there. I own 5 bowling balls all 5 of which are C300 made.

Rob Stevens

Lincoln, NE


Action Attack

Howard Marshall

Owings Mills, MD


Freeze Solid

Drilled Freeze Solid today with 65 X5 1/4 X 45 layout (pin above bridge). Rolled 300 the third game. Ball clears front with ease, gives a nice mid lane read, then strong and continuous on the back end. Solid cover plays house pattern well. Doesn't read early and loose energy through the pins.

Dan Kelsey

Novi, MI



David Robisch

Southgate, KY


Smack Down

New equiptment looked good for first night of league. I can't wait to see what is coming next!