Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Tony Zuniga

Mission Hills, CA



Bowled on October 3, 2013

Chris Keating

Mission Hills, CA


Freeze Hybrid

Bowled on September 26, 2013

Dan McLalin

Dearborn Heights, MI



300 with my favorite Columbia 300 ball The Vow! #letsbowl

Tyler Kohl

Dubuque, IA


Mass Eruption

Smash 8 pin****

Brian R

Mesa, AZ



I started bowling again after about 10 years and the first ball I bought was the Rival. Then I bought the Resurgence and bowled a 299

Jay Helms

Vista, CA



Bowled a 233-233-300 for a 766 series on first night of winter league a couple weeks ago. Oath is always first ball out of bag, I love this ball and it hits like a tank!! Have an Enigma and the latest addition a Smackdown which both balls are equally amazing. I love throwing all three of them! Great job Columbia keep them coming!!

Elvis Baez

Bronx, NY



I enjoy bowling competition.

Aaron Irvin

Louisville, KY



I absolutely LOVE this ball! Within a month of me drilling it I shot a 299. About a month and a half later I shoot my first sanctioned 300. My first 2 sanctioned honor scores within 2 months of each other with this ball. It doesn't hurt that I can play down and in with it or swing the lane and still not miss pocket. Man I love the Columbia 300 Vow!

Jayson Bosel

Lismore, N.S.W.


Navy/Purple/ Yellow Freeze

First 800 series. This ball has been amazing since I received it. Being left handed it carries 7 pins like no other ball I have in the bags.

Michael Salamon III

Glen Burnie, MD


World Beater

During the Summer I bowled my 4th 300 with the World Beater and today I just bowled my 3rd 800 series. 279, 279, 279 = 837. The World Beater is the ball that "Bowls the World Over" Thank you Columbia 300.