Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Rick Chartrand

Pompano Beach , FL


Blur Hybrid

Local pro (Eddie DeAtley) suggested the Blur Hybrid for the new lane surface where I bowl. 2nd league night shot 300 and 824 series. Had been 14 years since the last of each. Thanks Eddie. Thanks Columbia 300.

Donnie Acklen

Memphis, TN


Swerve FX

Getting closer to my first 800. Opened in first game first frame. Shot 215 and then proceeded with 280 and 290 for 785. Not bad for a 64 year old. Again, the Swerve FX is awesome!!! Thanks Columbia.

Gary Conner

Overland Park, KS


Deep Freeze

I love the way this ball rolls , nice and smooth or I can get in to the forth arrow and bounce off the crankers line when it starts to burn the outside ... this is not the first or the last with this ball ... keep up the good work Columbia :-)... sorry for wearing a Storm shirt , I don't have a Columbia shirt :-(

Richard Stevens Jr.

Zanesville , OH


Crazy Antics

Love this Columbia Crazy Antics Bowling Ball. Second 300 this year with this bowling ball. Going to try and find another new Crazy Antic to buy . Best ball ever lol.

Gary Giertz

Newburgh, NY


Swerve FX

Got my Swerve FX a week ago and finally shot my first league 300.

Paul Ross

Coon Rapids, MN


Swerve FX

This ball hits like a tank! 757 out of the box about 3 weeks ago and now a 300 to end the season. I'm feeling the FX!

Glenn Ayotte

Ishpeming , MI



Brec Whitten

Warrior, AL


Wicked Encounter

Donnie Acklen

Memphis, TN


Swerve FX

Games of 255,254,and 234. A couple of bad shots on my part cost me my first 800. The FX of the Swerve FX are awesome!!!

Scott Schenerlein Sr.

Moundsville , WV



Father of 3 and a husband. I have been actively involved with the sport of bowling for 31 years. I took a few years off for the family but I am back to it again. I missed bowling, but I enjoyed coaching while I was off .