Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Johnnie Ball

Brookville, IN


The Classic

I've been looking for something stable and easy to read for quite some time now. The Classic is just that, an instant classic! Thanks C300!

Jeff Gorman

Sun City, AZ



Paul Heineman JR

Trenton, NJ


Crazy Antics

I've been bowling for about 20 years this is my first sanctioned 300

Rashan Hunt

Baltimore, MD, MD


Eruption Pro

During tournament

David Fisk

Coolidge, AZ


Eruption Pro

Bob Akridge

Holly Springs, GA


Crazy Antics

I am a super senior but don't bowl senior leagues. The first time I tried my Crazy Antics was this past Friday night league. I used it the last game of the series and rolled a 279. Tuesday, 3/4/14, I was totally lost my first game. Switched to the Crazy Antics for the second and third games (300 and 279). Thanks Chris Wells at McCorvey's in Marietta, GA for a great drill.

Nelson Sand

Auburn, WA


Crazy Antics

3rd 300 this year second 800 overall, most of 9 300's with Columbia equipment

Justin Keatts

Ringgold, VA


The Vow

I've been bowling 4 years. I bowl as much as possible

Kevin Olges

Louisville ky, KY


Smack Down

Just shot my first 800 series using the Smack Down. 261-276-270

Brec Whitten

Warrior, AL


Mass Eruption

Shot during Cullman City Tournament

Kenneth Slaght

Dubuque, IA


Eruption Pro

Cameron Johnson

Gosford, New South Wales, Australia


Crazy Antics

Shanell Oveton

Alexandria, VA



I shot my first 300 with the Antics. Even with all of the nerves and a release that was a little off, the Antics still took out all of the pins on my final shot. Thank you for making an amazing ball!

Rashan Hunt

Baltimore, MD


World Beater

During the City Tournament

Steve DePoy

Jackson, MI, MI



Shot 300 with this ball the 5th game out of the box. Kicking myself for waiting over a year to finally pick it up.

Bill Moore

Knoxville, TN



I have been bowling with the blue Eruption for the last year. I like the ball so well that I had Jason Day at McCorvey's Pro Shop a few weeks ago drilled up the Disruption. Great ball.I shot 300 last night 2nd game..

Conner Allen

Conway, AR


Ransom / Bedlam

I have thrown 4 - 300 games with these two balls this year. Shot 836 this past Wednesday night and turned around Thursday night and shot 300 number 4.

Michael J Cindric

Penn, PA



Ronald I Hickland Sr.

Clarksville, TN


Orange Eruption Pro

I help ball test for Ebonite International Inc. I have been bowling for a very long time. I enjoy bowling and helping people improve on their bowling game.

Jeremy Freeman

Englewood, OH


Eruption Pro

Haven't put this ball down since I purchased. Have bowled 30 games on it and lowest series in league 640. Have bowled 6 sets of 700 plus with my latest of 764 been averaging 240. Cannot wait for the Disorder to release.

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