Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Darren Zombro Jr

Lebanon, PA


Eruption PRO Hybrid

casey lowery

westminster , CO


columbia 300 vector 2

74 years old and it took me 51 years to get it

John Bredehoeft

Leavenworth, KS


Wicked Encounter

Today, I bowled in the Heart of America Junior Classic starting out I bowled games of 259, 275 & 300 for an 834 series. I crossed six lanes in this series, and bowled it with a Columbia Wicked Encounter. This is my 3rd 800 series and I am 17 years old.

Mal Helmuth

Elk Grove, AK



I'm a 71 Super Senior with about 235 revs and 15 1/2 mph speed, axis rotation about 70 degrees, and a high track. Rolled this 300 with the Disruption drilled at 50X5X50 and the surface at 4000. This 300 was in a 4 game set of 215, 207, 208, 300. I've had this ball about a month and have already shot a 300 with it. This is my 3rd 300 in the past 4 years. Great ball.

kevin blackmer

Spring , TX


Eruption Pro Hybrid

C300 Regional staffer. Best equipment in the industry. Love to bowl and compete as well and meet new bowlers. I enjoy helping bowlers get better.

Dan Schriner

Stockertown, PA


Throw Down/Blur Solid

Recently signed on as a Columbia Advisory staff member. Received my new equipment this week thanks to Joe Farley and Chris Hester. Had Bowler X Pro Shops drill them up right away and rolled 832 my first match with the new balls. Columbia has always been my brand of choice. The brand allows me to have a complete arsenal for league and tournament bowling. No matter what the condition, there is a Columbia ball designed to keep you on target.

Donnie E. Acklen

Memphis, TN


N'Sane Antics

After so many 279s, 280s, 288s, 289s, 290s, and a 299, I finally shot my first 300 at age 62. (50 years of sanctioned bowling) Thank you Columbia, Vise IT, and 1Stop Pro Shop Staff.

kevin storey

shelbyville, KY


throw down out of box

Andrew Jones

Chandler, AZ, AZ



Picked up the Disorder and this was my first full game in this specific league. I've come close to 200 in other leagues, but this was my first 200+ game in a league. Super Stoked.

William Yazel

Saint Anthony, ID


Columbia White Dot

300 with the juniors...5th one but this was best...with the kids and PLASTIC!!! Know where i can get a 15lb Black Pearl Rage?

Jason Hockman

San Jacinto, CA


crazy antics

Tabetha Thomas

North Little Rock, AR


N's@ne Antics

I absolutely love C300! That's the only way I roll :-)


Pflugerville, TX


Beast Mode

Jacob Drennan

Wellington, OH



First night of the season, and first regular season use for the Antics. It's gonna be a good season.

Darren Zombro

Lebanon, PA


Eruption Pro

Darren Zombro

Lebanon, PA


N'sane Antics

Shaun Sommer

Clermont, FL


Black Eruption Pro

jason craft

covington, VA


n sain antic

jason craft

covington, VA



Dominique Smith

Baltimore , MD


Beast Mode/Complete Bedlam

Love the sport if bowling and c300

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