Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Christopher Charron

Waterford, NY



I've had 2 300 games with this ball in the last 2 weeks, so this makes a total of (7) to go along with an 800 Series (822)...Many more to come in the near future!!

Terry R Wilson

St. Joseph, MO



I have had 8 honor scores with this ball in the last 7 months including 2 300 games within 7 weeks apart and 6 11-in-a-row games

Donnie E. Acklen

Memphis,Tn., TN



183/258/280 for 719. Opened with strike, stone nine pin, and finished with ten strikes. Being a lefty the stone nine in the second was another heartbreaker but the Smackdown is awesome!!!

Ron Hemingway

Richmond, IN



I love to bowl. I am The Richmond lady Red Devils high school head coach and we are head to state this weekend in Indy at Woodland bowl.


Louisville, KY


Crazy Antics

Also shot 791 Series and that gives me 7 - 300's all with Columbia 300 balls

Creed Clement

Tumwater, WA



63 year old bowling proprietor. 2nd 300 in the last month with this ball.

Todd Williams

Milton, WI


Eruption Pro

Bowling in the Southern Wisconsin Travel League. Rolled games of 201 (switched to Eruption Pro 5th frame), 300, 229, 246. 976

Brian Stryzek

Oak Forest, IL


Crazy Antics

Steven Williams

Dayton, TN


Crazy Antics

Have bowled 5 300's since Oct.7th, 2013. Have bowled 3 with the Antics, 1 with a Ricochet and 1 with a Crazy Antics. All 3 balls drilled by Tim Sedman. 300 games now total 14.

Rashan Hunt

Baltimore, MD


Crazy Antics

Trying to break records so I can get on Columbia 300 staff

Timothy Gene Byer

Covington, VA


Crazy Antics

PBA member

Wally Sculthorp

Kenner, LA


Crazy Antics

Henry Bell

Glen Burnie, MD


Smack Down

Byron Klingaman

Coldwater, MI


Power Swing

Another Honor Score with a Great Product from Columbia 300!!!

Chuck Charpentier

Rochester, NH


Crazy Antics

Average 217 and 218 in two leagues. My 3rd 300 game with three different Columbia balls in the last two seasons.

Jennifer Ellingsworth

Elyria, OH



300-190-261. 751

David Whitten

Erie, CO


Eruption Pro

The Eruption Pro continues to improve my game. Bought it for drier lanes in two seniors drop-in leagues where my average had dropped to 176 and 168. It is now up to 194 and 198 in these leagues, having averaged 204 overall in them for the 33 games with this ball. With games of 278, 269, 259, 250 mixed in and only 3 series under 600 I'm more than a little pleased with the orange monster!

Darren Zombro Jr

Lebanon, PA


Crazy Antics

76th 300 game an 54th 800 series. That 867 is the cedar lanes house record an Lebanon county record

Carl R. Jordan Jr.

Fountain, CO



I have been bowling for about 16 years and have only a few Columbia bowling balls during that time. My last years average was a 205 and right now I am sitting with a 216 and a 210 in two separate leagues.

Rashan Hunt

Baltimore , MD


Crazy Antics

Second I got frustrated in the transition. And instead of opening the angles I was all over the place.

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