Honor Roll

We know you're shooting great scores with Columbia 300 products. So tell us about them!

Ken McDougall

Venice, FL


World Beater

I call my World Beater Old Faithful; - tonight, she showed why!

Ronald Winbush

Grayson, GA


Violent Eruption

Gary Dover

Deltona, FL



Was stuck at 150 to 160 on average with my good ole green messenger ball which I still love but started a league an decided to get a new ball an saw this meltdown an had to have it. My 3rd game with it I bowled a 202 lol an basicly have been bowling 170 to 180s on average. Now the guys on my team were shocked as well as me I had to move a few boards compared to where I started with my messenger. So just wanted to say thanks I'm a columbia 300 guy an always will be and my next ball will be this Swerve I keep seeing, cant wait to get one an roll that as well until then I'll melting the lanes with my new meltdown!!!

Donnie Acklen

Memphis, TN



Operator Error. Front eleven all flush. Last pitch didn't get ball down the lane enough and it checked up early and left a Brooklyn four pin. 204/224/299. 300 last year with pin-up and now 299 with pin-down. Either way the INS@NE ANTICS is awesome. Once again, thank you Columbia, Vise (IT), 1 Stop Pro Shop, and Bryan Cannon for excellent ball drilling.

Michael Bess

Emporia, KS


Severe Delirium

Timothy Nelson

Antioch, CA, CA


Freeze/World Beater

After taking about 3 years away from bowling, I started bowling a summer scratch league with my dad. First part of the league was tough, trying to get back into my groove. I finally got back into my group these last 2 weeks in league. Felt pretty good. As for the scores, this happened on 8/17/2015. Started with the Freeze, game 1 was the 300. Followed by a 214, then we switch to a different pair and I shoot 287 with the World Beater. It felt great to finally shoot 300 with the Freeze. It's a ball I have setup to go long and arc in.

Travis Rawley

Greenwood, IN



Angel F Sandoval

Fresno , CA


Crazy Antics/Reaction

I had a bowling party at Sierra Lanes this August 1 2015 invited over 70 guest they all had a fantastic time . My sister rented 10 lanes for that day. she had prizes for the top score first and second place. Unfortunately my scores were left out. i scored a 178,187 that day. Even thou i did not get the prize i was very happy to see all my friends having a great time. the very next day on August 2 which is my real birthday. i rolled a 167.249.201 with my cousin they were very happy for me..i have been trying to get all of my family and friends to take up bowling it is a wonderful sport that my wife and i enjoyed so much. This year has been very difficult for me because my love of my life lost her battle with Cancer in January. This sport gives me hope to go on, the more family and friends that i can get to go bowling is that much more of a blessing. Even thou i have never been on a league in my 20 years of bowling , i look forward to someday reaching that 300 mark, but if i don't it will be okay , i will have a blast getting there.

Darren S Zombro

Lebanon, PA



Darren S Zombro

Lebanon, PA