Columbia 300 News


Brandon Novak Rides Perfect Game To Take Cheetah Championship Lead

By Chris Hester

Chillicothe Ohio native, Brandon Novak, tossed a perfect 300 during the final game of qualifying on Tuesday to vault himself into the #1 position of the PBA WSOB Cheetah Championship.

Brandon, who has a couple regional titles to his credit, said this success goes to show how hard work and practice do indeed payoff: 

“Cheetah is typically a weaker pattern for me”, Novak said.  “I usually do not fair too well on this one and it gets me every year.  Luckily I have spent a lot of time practicing on shorter patterns this year and it finally paid off. Felt good to bowl decent on Cheetah.”

Novak, an Ebonite International staff member, used a combination of a Columbia300 Raw Urge and Track Paradox Trilogy to put up games of 205, 269, 268, 247, 212, 226, 231 and 300 which resulted in the #1 overall seed heading into next week’s match play round.

“I love the longer oil patters, those are my favorite," he said. "I have a regional win on both Shark and Chameleon patterns, so I am looking forward to the rest of the week. I just want to make good shots, focus and have a few more solid days here in Reno.”

Be sure to check for additional updates or tune in to XtraFRame to follow along on how he continues to perform at The World Series of Bowling.