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Columbia 300s Jakob Butturff Takes Home Mens Team USA Trials Championship

By Chris Hester

Columbia 300’s newest pro staff signee is off to a hot start with his new equipment.

After his ninth place finish on day one of qualifying, Jakob Butturff spent the next few days flip-flopping back and forth between first and second place with fellow left-hander Matt Russo.  In the end, Butturff was able to hold off late charges from both Russo and Marshall Kent to claim the overall men’s championship and secure his first berth onto Team USA.

“I have just amazing thoughts going through my head,” Jakob said shortly after picking up the win. “Winning a tournament in a bowling alley that I grew up in means so much.  Having my family and friends watching and rooting me on and knowing I have that support behind me helps put me at ease.”

Making the switch to a new company just weeks before the Team USA trials would have likely been a point of concern for most people, but not Butturff.

“The new equipment was definitely going to be a little different, since I haven’t had a chance to use it much just yet,” Jakob said. "I was able to adapt to it quickly though since I have had success with Columbia 300 balls in the past.”

Butturff admitted it was hard at times to keep his nerves in check. 

“I was trying to be patient and not get too amped up,” he said.  “There were a lot of nerves going into the last day.  When you are leading the tournament you definitely have people watching you each game.  I was trying to not let my nerves get the best of me.”

Averaging 227 for 30 games on five different lane patterns over the course of five days, Butturff showed the consistency needed to claim the 2017 Team USA overall men’s championship.