Columbia 300 News

10/16/15 Announces Columbia 300 Swerve IB Open in Las Vegas October 16th-18th

After successfully hosting the Open in St. Louis for the past 5 years, is proud to bring you a NEW IB Open Tournament in Las Vegas this October 16-18th at the South Point Bowling Plaza.

The Inaugural Columbia 300 Swerve Open Tournament is open to all bowlers and is a scratch event.  For $295, each bowler will receive a Columbia 300 Swerve bowling ball with entry and a chance at the $10,000 first place prize (based on 140 entries).  The cash ratio is 1 out of 5 bowlers with the last cash spot being $500.  This prize structure has yielded over 300 entries the past 2 years in St. Louis.  Bowlers electing to not receive the Swerve can enter the tournament for $225.

You may sign up for the tournament beginning on September 8th on via credit or debit card.  There will be 3 squads to choose from: Friday at 7PM, Saturday 9AM, & 4PM.  You may enter more than 1 squad but can only cash once.  Re-entries are $195 and do not include a bowling ball. Squads are limited to 120 bowlers (2 bowlers per lane).

This tournament is very similar to the IB Open contested in April each year.  Participants will bowl 8 games of qualifying with the top 20% (max at 32) of the field returning Sunday morning for 4 more games of qualifying.   All pins carry over through qualifying.  The top 12 after 12 games of qualifying will then bowl 12 games of round-robin match play beginning at 12 Noon.  The top 5 bowlers after match-play will then advance to the LIVE step ladder finals at 7PM Sunday evening.

"We've always wanted to try another IB Open in a different market, and we're excited about the opportunity Mike Monyak at South Point has provided for us.  Las Vegas is a hotbed for bowling and we're excited about meeting new bowlers that may have not been able to make it to St. Louis in years past",'s CEO Mike Flanagan said.

South Point Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center is offering a special room rate using room block code: INSIDEBOWLING.COM. Rates are $60 Thursday & Sunday and  $100 Friday & Saturday.  Call 1-866-796-7111 to reserve your room.  Special rates are available until Sept 21st, 2015.

"We're looking forward to hosting an event with and can't wait to see some of the best bowlers visit our property", South Point's Mike Monyak said.