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Jen Higgins Continues Dominance at Ohio Queens

The state of Ohio has one of the best and most talented pools of female bowlers in the United States. For one person to win multiple Queens Championship titles is quite an impressive feat.

For someone to win this event five years in a row is just unheard of.

Jen Higgins, of Columbus, Ohio, managed to pull off this unbelievable task after defeating Dayton Ohio's Shannon DeWitt in this year’s final match.

“Whoever said winning never gets old definitely knew what they were talking about,” Higgins said. “It is the best feeling ever.”

Using a combination of two separate Hammer Scandal Pearls, Higgins was able to overcome a bit of adversity in order to bring home this year’s title.

“I had been battling an injury coming into the event this year,” she said. “I honestly did not know how many games I would be able to bowl before the pain became too much to handle. I think I was so focused on my injury that it helped distract me from the hype of the event itself.”

On top of that, coming off of her first loss in this double elimination format, Higgins found herself facing fellow Team EBI member Megan Kelly in a 'win or go home' match up.

“Megan is one tough cookie,” Higgins said. “I knew I was going to have to bring my ‘A’ game against her or I would be headed home.”

She found a way to persevere through that match and went on to work her way through the rest of the bracket and take home the 2017 title.

Higgins, a Columbia 300 pro staff member, looks to parlay her recent success into the upcoming PWBA season.