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Strikes… and lots of them! The reaction shape of the Oath is a favorite with all styles. The Oath has a strong core and cover combination that provides an ease through the front of the lane and strong mid-lane and back end where you like to see it most.

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Color Blue/Purple/Red
Reaction Strong Continuation
Coverstock Bend-It Solid
Factory Finish 800, 1000, 2000 Abralon with PowerhouseTM Factory Finish Polish
Core Capsule
Mass Bias Symmetric
Weight 12 - 16
Lane Conditions Medium
Cleaner Clean and Dull
Polish Factory Finish
Motion Description Strong mid-lane and continuation

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
12 2.60 .039
13 2.53 .055
14 2.49 .056
15 2.47 .054
16 2.48 .047


  • Oath

    Columbia 300 Oath bowling ball.

Marketing Materials

  • Oath

    Columbia 300 Oath bowling ball.